Assignment 6 – Preparatory Work

I arranged an chat with my tutor to go over some of the salient points regarding my work prior to submission and prior to our recorded session.

The lists I had made proir to the discussion is documented below.

Assignments 1-6: print all accompanying text for hard copy submission if possible otherwise resize images for digital submission as per the digital submission guidelines.

It was agreed in the chat that the following steps should be undertaken

  • Assignment 1: Check feedback is reflected
  • Assignment 2: Check feedback is reflected
  • Assignment 3: Edit critical essay slightly to reflect tutor comments adding references where necessary.
  • Assignment 4: Colour images into mind map diagram. Update links and correct names and spelling
  • Assignment 5: Write response to tutor feedback
  • Assignment 6 Publish these notes and notes from discussion
  • Review blog and ensure that all links work and everything is easily navigable.
  • Write overall course evaluation.

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