Exercise 4.4 – The Selfie Phenomenon

The selfie can be seen in many different formats; evidence of something happening; exploitation and marketing of a certain type of image; narcissism or exhibitionism; a desire to fit in, to see and be seen and also as a trophy – proof that the person or persons within the image have a position of prominenceContinue reading “Exercise 4.4 – The Selfie Phenomenon”

Exercise 4.3 – Internet Memes

We are asked to read Limor Shifman’s essay ‘The Cultural Logic of Photo-Based Meme Genres’ in Journal of Visual Culture, December 2014, Vol.13(3), pp.340–58 and then taking inspiration from an image or idea which has been researched, create a photographic response to an internet meme Shirmins analysis on the photo based meme has proven toContinue reading “Exercise 4.3 – Internet Memes”

Exercise 4.2 – Foucault and Panopticonism

The student is asked to link to the OCA online resources and read Michael Foucault’s essay ‘Panopticism’, reproduced in Evans & Hall (1999) Visual Culture: The Reader, London: Sage Sage, pp.61–71. Once the essay has been read, the student is asked to make notes in their learning log. Foucault visits the idea of the Panopticon, a designContinue reading “Exercise 4.2 – Foucault and Panopticonism”

Exercise 4.1 – Alter Egos Online

The virtual world of Second Life was launched by Linden Labs in 2003 as a digital experiment which allowed users of the application access into what is essentially a user-generated, multi-user experience. It was the first time that an unlimited virtual reality connected users from across the world in an environment such as that imaginedContinue reading “Exercise 4.1 – Alter Egos Online”