Exercise 3.4 Post-photojournalism

The exercise asks us to look at the work of one of the practitioners discussed in this project. Write a short analysis of one of their projects or the practitioner’s overall approach. Comment on how appropriate you think their creative responses are. What is your impression of the evolving nature of photojournalism? I began byContinue reading “Exercise 3.4 Post-photojournalism”

Exercise 3.3 – Breaking the News?

Prior to the exercise; Read Allan, S. ‘Blurring Boundaries: Professional and Citizen Journalism in a Digital Age’ (pp.187–200) in Lister, M. (2013) The Photographic Image in Digital Culture, provided with your course materials. • Read Jose Navarro’s blog criticising the BBC’s use of images of the 2012 Denver cinema shootings. • Read this useful essayContinue reading “Exercise 3.3 – Breaking the News?”

Exercise 3.2 – A Controversial Photograph

This exercise asks the student to find one or two recent photographs within the public domain that you consider to be ‘controversial’ or to transgress social barriers. Write a short entry in your learning log (up to 500 words) about why you feel it is controversial. To describe why the following image is controversial, IContinue reading “Exercise 3.2 – A Controversial Photograph”

Exercise 3.1 – Unmasking Photo Opportunities, Cubistically

Read Fred Ritchin’s essay ‘Toward a Hyperphotography’ in Ritchin, F. (2008) After Photography, New York: W.W. Norton. Look at the websites Ritchin discusses. Can you find any visual examples of ‘cubistically unmasking photo opportunities’? Look for multiple points of view around a single news event or story. Make some notes in your learning log. FredContinue reading “Exercise 3.1 – Unmasking Photo Opportunities, Cubistically”