Assignment 6 – Learning Outcomes

Assignment 6 – Pre Assessment Tutorial Prior Work I returned to the course material to examine the Learning outcomes for the course, to see what I had achieved: • demonstrate detailed knowledge of visual and conceptual strategies in digital photographic practice and explore your own critical digital photographic projects. Comparing the work done on thisContinue reading “Assignment 6 – Learning Outcomes”

Assignment 3 – Critical Essay Updated for Assessment

Note for Assessors – Following feedback from my tutor I have edited the essay slightly as it required additional references. The original document is still available for reading, and I have provided a link to the newer version. The brief of the Assignment is the create a critical essay in response to one of fourContinue reading “Assignment 3 – Critical Essay Updated for Assessment”

Assignment 6 – Preparatory Work

I arranged an chat with my tutor to go over some of the salient points regarding my work prior to submission and prior to our recorded session. The lists I had made proir to the discussion is documented below. Assignments 1-6: print all accompanying text for hard copy submission if possible otherwise resize images forContinue reading “Assignment 6 – Preparatory Work”

Assignment 5 – Feedback Notes

Following on from my discussion with my tutor and looking of the feedback given; I thought I would provide more information regarding the Assignment. One of the issues I just could not overcome was trying to cover all the salient points whilst remaining within the word count. So I have decided to follow up theContinue reading “Assignment 5 – Feedback Notes”

Assignment 5 – Digital Identities 2

Use your tutor’s feedback on Assignment Four to help you develop your Assignment 4 “digital identities” project to the point of resolution. The method of presentation that you choose for your project should be appropriate to, and complement, the work you make. Your work may suit a print-based submission, or it may be appropriate toContinue reading “Assignment 5 – Digital Identities 2”

Assignment 4 – Digital Identities 1

For Assignment 4 the student is asked to produce a mind map regarding digital identity and create a brief with specific themes your work is addressing or what your work is attempting to communicate and • a list of the practitioners you’ve looked at in relation to this assignment • a bibliography • a briefContinue reading “Assignment 4 – Digital Identities 1”

Exercise 4.4 – The Selfie Phenomenon

The selfie can be seen in many different formats; evidence of something happening; exploitation and marketing of a certain type of image; narcissism or exhibitionism; a desire to fit in, to see and be seen and also as a trophy – proof that the person or persons within the image have a position of prominenceContinue reading “Exercise 4.4 – The Selfie Phenomenon”

Exercise 4.3 – Internet Memes

We are asked to read Limor Shifman’s essay ‘The Cultural Logic of Photo-Based Meme Genres’ in Journal of Visual Culture, December 2014, Vol.13(3), pp.340–58 and then taking inspiration from an image or idea which has been researched, create a photographic response to an internet meme Shirmins analysis on the photo based meme has proven toContinue reading “Exercise 4.3 – Internet Memes”

Exercise 4.2 – Foucault and Panopticonism

The student is asked to link to the OCA online resources and read Michael Foucault’s essay ‘Panopticism’, reproduced in Evans & Hall (1999) Visual Culture: The Reader, London: Sage Sage, pp.61–71. Once the essay has been read, the student is asked to make notes in their learning log. Foucault visits the idea of the Panopticon, a designContinue reading “Exercise 4.2 – Foucault and Panopticonism”