Assignment 5 – Feedback Notes

Following on from my discussion with my tutor and looking of the feedback given; I thought I would provide more information regarding the Assignment. One of the issues I just could not overcome was trying to cover all the salient points whilst remaining within the word count. So I have decided to follow up theContinue reading “Assignment 5 – Feedback Notes”

Experimentation – Slit Scan

While working through an idea, I came across the slit screen method for video processing. I liked the idea and wanted to see if I could produce a still image condensed from a short video. The idea is similar to the one I tried during my Landscape course where I compressed each single frame ofContinue reading “Experimentation – Slit Scan”

I knew the Spice Girls

The student is asked to read the short Essay “I knew the Spice Girls” by Joan Fontcuberta. Fontcuberta asks the question regarding the space between analogue and digital photography, he does this by exploring the use of digital technology in a London Photobooth the place himself alongside the Spice Girls for a photograph which heContinue reading “I knew the Spice Girls”

Ectoplasm: Photography in the Digital Age

The student is instructed to read Ectoplasm: Photography in the Digital Age by Geoffrey Batchen Was Delaroche right in his apocryphal declaration that “Painting is dead”? Were Fred Richin, Anne Marie Willis and William J Mitchell right in stating that photography was either dead or radically changed with the intertwining of computing and digital photography?Continue reading “Ectoplasm: Photography in the Digital Age”

Preliminary Exercise

The student is asked to photograph as many photographic images as they encounter in a single day, as a way of getting a sense of how people are overcome with the amount of images that they can see. Since I am visually impaired, mobility impaired and have just started rehabilitation for a shattered ankle, IContinue reading “Preliminary Exercise”