Assignment 6 – Learning Outcomes

Assignment 6 – Pre Assessment Tutorial Prior Work

I returned to the course material to examine the Learning outcomes for the course, to see what I had achieved:

• demonstrate detailed knowledge of visual and conceptual strategies in digital photographic practice and explore your own critical digital photographic projects.

Comparing the work done on this course with work done just prior to it and through my photography over the years, I feel that this recent study has allowed me to once again examine areas of photography that I was hitherto unaware of. I have become aware of and learnt new strategies and have enjoyed examining my processes and working out which worked best for the outcome I wanted.

• demonstrate an awareness of the wider social and cultural contexts in which the digital image operates and discuss relevant ethical perspectives in relation to your own practice,

I have had prior exposure to the issues surrounding image manipulation in photography, in both published and social media, however this course has allowed me to examine and raise my awareness further as to how image manipulation can be used to direct, subvert and/or change the message of the artist or creator. I explored the ethics of image manipulation in my critical essay, and I continue to examine this within my own practice.

• explore and realise a range of ideas and creative starting points, and exercise judgement in the production of visual material.

This course has challenged my technical skills. I have enjoyed extending my skillset, not only through a more detailed use of Photoshop, but through learning how to utilise After Effects, video editing, and applications such as Deep Dream to bring my ideas to fruition. I found the challenge of investigating the various different resources available and making a selection which best suited my needs highly enjoyable.

• manage learning resources, conduct self-directed contextual and visual research, and appraise your progress with increasing confidence.

Having to acquire new, additional skillsets has been a challenge, but and enjoyable one. These new skills have allowed me to expand my areas of research into new areas and artists I had only been peripherally aware of and pull in other contextual ideas. This is demonstrated in the moving images and GIFs created as part of the coursework,

• demonstrate increasing autonomy and a developing personal voice, exercise your communication skills confidently and interact effectively within a learning group.

I found that the impact of the pandemic and my recovery from a complex ankle break limited my work outside of the house and at times, this has been frustrating. I chose to use the frustration as a motivating factor as well as a point of research within my works. Once again, I found that my personal situation gave me reason to examine my skillset and build upon areas of weakness. I feel strongly about the disenfranchisement of people with disabilities; their sometime invisibility within society and the fact that few people speak out to raise awareness of this and want to use my imagery and skills as a photographic artist to express my feelings on these issues and include them in the message that I am communicating.

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