Exercise 4.1 – Alter Egos Online

The virtual world of Second Life was launched by Linden Labs in 2003 as a digital experiment which allowed users of the application access into what is essentially a user-generated, multi-user experience. It was the first time that an unlimited virtual reality connected users from across the world in an environment such as that imaginedContinue reading “Exercise 4.1 – Alter Egos Online”

Assignment 3 – Critical Essay

The brief of the Assignment is the create a critical essay in responce to one of four questions.  I chose to answer “Has the ‘digitial revolution’ created more problems than opportunities for today’s professional photographers?” The Assignment asks that I discuss this question using relevant case studies and/or specific aspects of modern professional photography. MyContinue reading “Assignment 3 – Critical Essay”

Exercise 3.4 Post-photojournalism

The exercise asks us to look at the work of one of the practitioners discussed in this project. Write a short analysis of one of their projects or the practitioner’s overall approach. Comment on how appropriate you think their creative responses are. What is your impression of the evolving nature of photojournalism? I began byContinue reading “Exercise 3.4 Post-photojournalism”

Exercise 3.3 – Breaking the News?

Prior to the exercise; Read Allan, S. ‘Blurring Boundaries: Professional and Citizen Journalism in a Digital Age’ (pp.187–200) in Lister, M. (2013) The Photographic Image in Digital Culture, provided with your course materials. • Read Jose Navarro’s blog criticising the BBC’s use of images of the 2012 Denver cinema shootings. • Read this useful essayContinue reading “Exercise 3.3 – Breaking the News?”

Exercise 3.2 – A Controversial Photograph

This exercise asks the student to find one or two recent photographs within the public domain that you consider to be ‘controversial’ or to transgress social barriers. Write a short entry in your learning log (up to 500 words) about why you feel it is controversial. To describe why the following image is controversial, IContinue reading “Exercise 3.2 – A Controversial Photograph”

Exercise 3.1 – Unmasking Photo Opportunities, Cubistically

Read Fred Ritchin’s essay ‘Toward a Hyperphotography’ in Ritchin, F. (2008) After Photography, New York: W.W. Norton. Look at the websites Ritchin discusses. Can you find any visual examples of ‘cubistically unmasking photo opportunities’? Look for multiple points of view around a single news event or story. Make some notes in your learning log. FredContinue reading “Exercise 3.1 – Unmasking Photo Opportunities, Cubistically”

Assignment 2 – The Archive

Produce a series of related images that use a readily available online archive (or archives) as their starting point or subject. Make a small book for this project, using proprietary software, to be viewable online. In your book, you may use a selection of images from primary sources (your own images) and/or secondary sources (imagesContinue reading “Assignment 2 – The Archive”

Exercise 2.3

In your exercise for this section, you’ll produce a piece of work that either explores the family album and its iconography or reflects on representations of the self in digital culture. Produce a series of six photographs (these can be photo montage, staged photography,work using found images, work including images from your own family archives,Continue reading “Exercise 2.3”

Experimentation – Slit Scan

While working through an idea, I came across the slit screen method for video processing. I liked the idea and wanted to see if I could produce a still image condensed from a short video. The idea is similar to the one I tried during my Landscape course where I compressed each single frame ofContinue reading “Experimentation – Slit Scan”

Exercise 2.2 – The artist as archivist

This exercise asks the student to write 500 words in your learning log on a piece of work by one contemporary artist- photographer who uses the archive as source material. You may focus on any artist you wish here but you may wish to select either: • an artist who exhibited as part of theContinue reading “Exercise 2.2 – The artist as archivist”